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First things first, “the duvet tag shouldn’t be at the top left corner. It should be at the bottom right corner.” That’s just common sense. You might think Monica Geller was a little over the top with her cleanliness, but you’ll have to admit that there are times when you can’t help but summon your inner Monica so that everything looks spick and span.

And if you too can relate to Monica Gellar, we have summoned here some really cool gadgets that will help you have that level of perfect cleaning.

Take a look:

You can easily set this Robot Vacuum Cleaner to scrub up your bathroom floors each and every day, so it feels like you’re living at your favorite hotel in the lap of luxury. Because you like clean floors, but have better things to do than mop every day.

What is the point of cleaning the entire house and having the air in your space unhealthy as ever? Get this Philips Air Purifier that will remove 99.97% airborne pollutants with 4-stage filtration. The device automatically monitors and purifies the air.

Well this appliance is actually the need of the hour! Prestige Clean Home Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner works on Ozone Purification Technology and removes bacteria, fungi, residual pesticides and insecticides from fruits and vegetables, keeping you and your family free from health hazards.

If you are a neat freak like Monica, your bathroom is definitely a place you’d want to have shiny all the time. Thus, you can have this handheld Bathroom Tile Floor Cleaning Scrubber that spins on its own, so all you have to do is give it some soap or cleaner to work with, then wave it around to totally transform grimy tile and cloudy glass shower doors.

Let this drill do all the tile and grout cleaning for you by turning it into a power scrubber with the help of this brush attachment kit. This power scrubber is designed to make cleaning tough spots — like extremely dirty grout — easy, because it scrubs 60 times each and every second.

The Dyson V11 Absolute Pro Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner intelligently adapts to different floor types in Auto mode. The device intelligently optimizes power and run time, and deep cleans your entire house.

A UV sanitizer for your phone that could lower your chances of getting sick, at least a little bit — it may not get rid of all the smears of grease on your screen, but it will annihilate a bunch of germes.

Add on this Alfawise S60 Robotic Window Cleaner to your gadget cleaner so that you can enjoy your big picture views through the sparkling glass, no need to lug out the ladder. The microfiber pads of the device effectively scrubs the glass surface, removes the oil stain, dirt and dust, so that your window is cleaned up thoroughly and efficiently in a few minutes.

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