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NMR quantum computer – 2-qubits

In the first half of 1997, Jonathan A. Jones, a physics professor, and Michele Mosca, a mathematician, at the Oxford Centre for Molecular Sciences used a 2-qubit NMR quantum computer to solve Deutsch’s problem. This achievement was the first experimental demonstration of a quantum algorithm. 

Isaac L. Chuang at IBM’s Almaden Research Center and Mark Kubinec and the University of California, Berkeley, together with coworkers at Stanford University and MIT, achieved the same result somewhat later.

Jones and Mosca also implemented quantum computer algorithms such as Grover’s quantum search algorithm in 1998 and approximate quantum counting in 1999. They used a 500MhZ version of the NMR spectrometer illustrated on the next slide.

Source: Correspondence with Jonathan A. Jones and Michele Mosca.

Jonathan A. Jones photo by Bi Scott
Michele Mosca photo by the University of Waterloo


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