Alex Casabo Sci-Fi SSD Concept is inspired by Star Wars

If you love Star Wars, you’ll love that the Alex Casabo Sci-Fi SSD Concept is inspired by movies like this. In fact, this gadget traditional designs and specifications to new heights. Boasting a distinct, rugged exterior, this Sci-Fi SSD Concept is highly durable. And it also provides lightning-fast speeds. Furthermore, its digital conceptualization goes hand in hand with a futuristic world to make Sci-Fi movies to life. And its available in three sizes: 16 TB, 32 TB, and 64 TB. Also, with three colors to choose from—orange, green, and blue—there’s a design to suit everyone. Most impressively, this concept’s interior components are visible from the outside. This includes the flash memory chips and flash controller to provide an overall distinct design.

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