Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Vs. iPhone 12 Pro Max: Head-To-Head


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When Apple introduced its latest crop of new smartphones with the iPhone 12 lineup, Apple CEO Tim Cook called it “the start of a new era for iPhone.” While he was mainly referring to the arrival of 5G in the iPhone for the first time, there are plenty of other new things to know about with the iPhone 12 series. LCD displays have been completely phased out of the iPhone 12 lineup, while Apple has implemented a flat-edge design for the phones.

If you’re an Apple fan that wants the best of what the device maker has to offer when it comes to cameras, performance and battery life—i.e., the iPhone 12 Pro models–your buying process is probably coming down to an iPhone 12 Pro vs Pro Max decision.

But which of the two iPhone 12 Pro models is best for you? What follows is CRN’s comparison of the specs, features and price differences for the iPhone 12 Pro vs Pro Max.




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