‘Away From Gadgets’- A Mountaineering Camp in the Lap of Mother Nature!


Throughout the pandemic, the life of people revolved around gadgets and digital content. The lack of human intervention or the feel of Mother Nature has created a sense of disconnect, especially among teenagers. This scenario is not good for mental health or for the overall development of the young brigade of India. Also Read – Maharashtra to Organize 20 Cultural Festivals to Boost Tourism

Keeping this whole situation in mind, Delta105 has come up with an idea where they are organizing a Boot Camp for teenagers with the theme – Away from Gadgets. At Delta105 – An Army experiential zone, the boot camp will give you an overview on how to go further with your mountaineering journey. The camp is led by professionals and enthusiasts who are well experienced and will give you proper guidance and training for an adventurous and fun-filled experience and will help you in going one step further towards your dream. Their core trainers’ are- Also Read – Wedding Photoshoot in Jaipur is Now a Dreamy Reality – You Can Book These Monuments For a Few Bucks!

– Lt Col Romil Barthwal, Army Veteran is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and IIM Lucknow and has led 10 major mountaineering expeditions as a team leader including the mighty Mount Everest. He is a motivational speaker and a strategic leader.
– Bharath Thammineni is a genetic engineer by qualification and a mountaineer by passion. He has a distinction of reaching the summits of Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, and Mt. Manaslu. He is a highly experienced mountaineer with 8 years of high-altitude expeditions under his belt. Also Read – Maharashtra to Host 20 Cultural Festivals Across 6 Regions, All You Need to Know 

Package Inclusions:
– 3 Days & 2 Nights stay
– Food
– Army Obstacle Course
– Tent Pitching
– Obstacle Run
– Jumaring
– Rappeling
– Bonfire
– Survival Training
– Leadership Sessions
– Star Gazing

DAY 1:

15:30 PM– Welcome Brief about the program
16:00 PM | 16:15 PM – Team distribution in groups
16:15 PM | 16:30 PM – Tent pitching demo
16:45 PM | 17:30 PM – Tent pitching, Tea, and snacks with team
17:30 PM | 18:00 PM – Settle down
18: 00 PM | 19:00 PM – Do’s Don’ts schedule, the introduction of team and students
19:00 PM | 20:00 PM – Intro to mountaineering and leadership
20:00 PM | 21:00 PM – Dinner
21:00 PM | 21:30 PM – Everest Brief, T-shirt distribution for everyone to wear next day
22:00 PM – Lights out
6:00 AM – Wake up
7:00 AM – Breakfast
8:00 AM – Move towards trek point
9:00 AM – Assemble at the start point of Trek
10:00 AM | 11:00 AM – First halt squad post-training. Introduction to mountain eqpt, packing the rucksack, etc.
11:00 AM | 12:00 AM – Trek starts
12:00 PM | 12:30 PM – Demo of rappelling and jumaring
12:30 PM | 14:00 PM – First rehearsal
14:00 PM | 15:00 PM – Lunch Break
15:00 PM | 16:00 PM – Rehearsals
16:00 PM | 17:30 PM – Return to camp
17:30 PM | 18:30 PM – Freshen up
18:30 PM | 20:00 PM – Camp fire night and sky class

Day 3

6:00 AM – Wake up
6:30 AM| 7:30 AM – Morning run, nature walk, sunrise trek, pithu race
8:00 AM | 8:30 AM– Breakfast
9:00 AM – Group Photo
9:30 AM | 10:30 AM – Delta visit
10:30 AM – Demo for obstacle course
11:00 AM | 12:00 PM – Obstacle course practice and competition
13:00 PM – Lunch
14:00 PM – Certificate & Prize distribution
15:00 PM | 15:30 PM – Debriefing
16:00 PM – Individual experience sharing
16:30 PM – Camp closing packing
17:00 PM – Tea & Snacks

Learning’s from the camp:

The boot camp will provide a deep dive into the mountaineering world. Attendees will be provided training about the

– Basic skills required
– Equipment’s required and how to use them
– Fitness level required
– Motivation through movies and stories
– Guidance and counseling
– Confidence and personality development
– Female instructors will be available

Travel Essentials: Cap for trekking, woolen cap, Towel, Socks, Torch with cells, Toilet requisites, Goggles, Trekking/Sports shoes, Heavy Jacket, Cotton lowers, Tracksuit, Thermal innerwear, Gloves & Sunscreen.

Protection against Covid-19: Delta105 is regularly sanitized and concern measures are taken for the trainee’s safety.

Price per head: INR 9,999 + GST

Location: Delta105, Army theme-based Adventure Park close to Manesar, 30 minutes drive from Gurgaon

· An individual should be able to walk for 30 mins nonstop.
· Should not be overweight.
· Not suffering from any illness.
· No surgical patients

So, will you this Boot camp a try? 


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