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Bernie Sanders, Myanmar Coup, Trump: Viral Meme Mashup Has the Internet Vibing in Unison

The worlds have collided to give us a meme mashup for the ages.

The one that has taken the Internet and all of Twitter by storm recently involves Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Bilal Göregen, a physical education teacher from Myanmar performing aerobics with country’s military coup taking place in the backdrop– all bundled into a single viral video.

The mastermind behind the mashup seems to be Twitter user Jorge Gomes (@jmgvostpt), who while sharing the video wrote: “Não sei se já foi feito, mas eu tinha que fazer isto” which roughly translates to: “I don’t know if it has already been done, but I had to do this.”

The video, however, took flight when another Twitter user by the handle @cheiraesturro shared the mashup that saw Trump and Sanders joining the vibe on Thursday afternoon writing, “Obrigado, Internet (Thank you, Internet).

The video has now reached different corners of the world including Indian Internet but nobody is mad and rightly so.

Why is the meme going viral?

It’s chaotic, hilarious, and brings together different worlds in a single frame.

The meme involves former US President Donald Trump’s viral dance moves to “YMCA” by the Village People. Trump’s dance during rallies in 2020 became a subject of memes and even a TikTok challenge.

Turkish street musician Bilal Göregen, a visually-impaired artist, performed a cover of “Ievan polkka” — a popular Finnish song from the 1930s. The video of his performance was uploaded by a user on YouTube in 2019 following which the Internet did the rest.

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Bilal’s video, however, garnered more momentum in October after a Twitter user edited an animated “vibing cat” or “CatJAM” bobbing its head to the beats of his rendition. The voice you hear in the meme mashup is his, so are the beats played by him on the darbuka.

The third person (as per the meme timeline) is Senator Bernie Sanders. The socialist Democrat turned up to Capitol Hill for the swearing-in ceremony of the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, wearing a casual, brown coat and a rather unimpressed look. But the highlight of the outfit was a pair of woollen mittens that Bernie made sure to never take off. Just like the one’s grandmother wove when you were little. His photograph became the meme of 2021– one that saw him and several others raising money for the charity as well.

The fourth and perhaps the most important member of meme mashup is Khing Hnin Wai. Her video (used as a backdrop of this mashup) recently went viral after she was seen doing aerobics in front of the Parliament building in Myanmar – even as numerous military vehicles arrive behind her. This was the same day that her country’s military staged a coup.

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