Bizarre Nacho Hack Video Went Viral And Got Strong Reactions On The Internet; Watch At Your Own Risk

Bizarre Nacho Hack Video Went Viral And Got Strong Reactions On The Internet; Watch At Your Own Risk

Nacho hack video went viral.


  • A woman shared a strange recipe video of making nachos.
  • The video went viral on the internet.
  • See how other users reacted to this bizarre nacho hack.

We have been subjected to so many bizarre food trends and food combinations in the past year that we are quite immune to weird foods now. At least that’s what we thought until we saw this new food video that evoked the same nauseous feeling again after a long time. And it wasn’t just us, almost everyone who watched it on the internet went through the same ordeal. A woman posted a video making nachos in the form of a cone and called it ‘Ultimate Nacho Hack’, which gave us the ultimate nightmare!

Facebook user Taylor Watson shared a strange trick to create a nacho cone. It starts with her spreading cheese spread over a large area on a table counter. Then she tops it with columns of beef, lettuce, black beans, guacamole, salsa, shredded cheese, taco seasoning, jalapenos and sour cream. “Anything that you want, you can put in nachos. It really is a personal preference,” Watson says. Then she sprinkles a whole packet of nacho seasoning for extra spice and takes two ice cream servers and combines everything together to make one claggy, icky glob. While you are watching it all with shock, Watson goes on to scoop in the messy mixture inside ice cream cones!

Watch this strange nacho recipe video with caution:

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The nacho video went viral soon after surfacing on Facebook and reached Twitter with popular comedian Kevin sharing his own funny video roasting this one. He captioned his video with “This woman done made nachos ON THE COUNTER!!!” As Watson makes a mess of all the nacho ingredients, Kevin shouts in horror, “Clean it up!” And he calls out the scoops of nacho filling as “balls of disgust”.

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The strange (definitely not ultimate) nacho hack drew the wrath of the viewers.
Comments like “This triggers me on a cosmic level”, “It’s like eating out of the trash at a baseball game” and “I don’t even know at which point I started crying. Not from laughter.”

However, many Twitter users had a good laugh over Kevin’s ‘roast’ video:

“Making someone laugh after they’ve just finished crying is one of the most beautiful things to ever exist.”

“I’m crying and laughing but mainly laugh-crying. This is the first I’ve heard of this. Please give me a minute.”

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