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BTS’ V Loses Balance While Doing Yoga, Falls and Gives Internet a Funny Moment


BTS member V has taken the internet by storm after ending his recent yoga session with a namaste. As a part of the Winter Package 2021, the international singer recently joined his fellow BTS members for a yoga session.

In a viral video, V, along with his group members was seen thanking the yoga instructor for the session. “Namaste, thank you,” he said, while bowing down with gratitude. Several fans confessed they were emotional after seeing the clip.

Apart from his namaste video, another clip featuring V doing yoga but losing balance also got the fans’ attention. V was seen swaying from one side to another as he accidentally puts gave more energy into the position than required, hence losing his balance and falling on the floor.

As a band, BTS performed recently at the MTV Unplugged session.


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