Canadian Dancer's Viral Bhangra Video in -20 Degrees Has the Whole Internet Vibing to it

Canadian Dancer’s Viral Bhangra Video in -20 Degrees Has the Whole Internet Vibing to it

A Canadian dancer named Gurdeep Pandher is winning over the internet by hosting a Bhangra class in the freezing snowscapes of Yukon, in the country.

The video was shared by the dance teacher on February 3, 2021, and since then, it has garnered over 12,3,700 views on microblogging site. The clip shows Gurdeep instructing the steps of Bhangra to his four students on the snow-covered land, while they all follow him.

Sharing the video, he mentioned that they were doing the bhangra in -20 degree C, which felt like -30 degree C with windchill, while they all joined a physically-distanced and pandemic-safe bhangra class.

The 29 seconds clip has brought a smile to many faces as people showered the post with love. The video has been liked over 4200 times and has grabbed tons of reactions. A user called the video awesome and asked Gurdeep if he ever thinks to do tutorial videos on YouTube.Another user commented that he loved the video and thanked the tutor for cheering up his mood. A third one wrote that he wishes if someone in the Indian community would teach Bhangra in his city.

Meanwhile, Gurdeep got overwhelmed with the love that he received on the internet and thanked the netizens for this in another tweet.

Gurdeep often shares such cheerful bhangra videos on the internet.

Recently, he shared a video on his social media handle where he can be seen doing the Bhangra to the beat of dhol in the chilly winter. According to his tweet, he was performing Bhangra in -25ºC. Sharing the video, he mentioned that he was doing the Bhangra to spread joy, hope and positivity across Canada and beyond.

The video has garnered over 33,200 views within a day on Twitter. The video has made the day for many of the netizens. A user commented that it’s always delightful to see him dancing. Another called him a wonderful person and wrote that the joy and positivity that he spreads through his Bhangra video is needed much at this time.

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