COVID-inspired gadgets from CES 2021


iDistance by iWavenology

iWavenology, a startup led by Professor Shau-Gang Mao of the National Taiwan University (NTU), who is an expert in the areas of wireless communication and signal processing, created iDistance – a wearable device to potentially help stop the spread of Covid-19. iDistance uses UWB technology for distance measurement and can be worn as an armband, neckpiece, or a watch. The device can process up to 50 users simultaneously within 1 second, explaining that the UWB technology is 10 times more accurate than the Bluetooth solution to have centimetre accuracy without using personal data or cameras, according to Mao. Some of its key features include privacy protection allowing users to log without sensitive data, the ability to be used in indoor and outdoor scenarios, use for line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight environments, and low power usage. Mao said the product has already been used at an elderly care facility in Taipei, and has received orders from factories across the U.S., UK and India. Each device starts at $50 depending on the size of the order.


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