Danielle Walker: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet)


I must preface this by saying I love watching absolute chaos and also I basically live my life offline, so I still have an attention span and all my videos will probably be long. Welcome to my list.

1. Kay makes avocado on toast

As you can see, this video is titled “aubergine on toast”. That is an edit. In this video my favourite online chef Kay has bought an eggplant thinking it’s an avocado, and proceeds to try and teach us how to make avocado on toast. With an eggplant.

2. K-Strass causing yo-yo havoc

Comedian Mark Proksch pretended to be a yo-yo master and managed to get booked on some morning TV shows who had no idea it was not legit. Chaos ensued.

3. Timjim77’s Christmas messages

TimJim77 is a YouTuber and puppeteer who makes his videos singlehandedly. Every year, he and Eric (the puppet) release a Christmas message, usually in the form of a duet; I’ve watched each Christmas for the past five years, but they go back much further.

This one makes me laugh because it’s the song Baby It’s Cold Outside which people often think of as a pretty creepy song, but it’s a man and his puppet.

4. This lady from Little Mix trying to do a Jamaican accent

I don’t know why it’s so funny to me, but I cry-laugh every time.

5. Apparently kid

The only way I’m having a child is if it’s 100% guaranteed to come out with this kid’s personality.

6. Kay’s ravioli trilogy

If I was allowed to I would have made this entire list Kay’s cooking videos. She loves cooking and is always trying her hardest, and the outcome is nearly always disastrous. It’s pure, wholesome fun.

In each video of this trilogy she’s sort of working out how to make ravioli through trial and error and has clearly not read a recipe book. Will they turn out? No.

This is part two:

Two years after Kay’s initial first two attempts she’s back again with the finale – and for a moment, there is this feeling that she’s doing it! She is about to make a massive plain mince-flavoured ravioli! And then … she bakes the big ravioli in the oven. Really hope there’s a part four one day.

7. Mermaid maternity photoshoots

Need I say more?

8. This insane evil cat

9. The smiling mince man

My friend and very good comedian Laura Davis sees this every time she walks past the butcher. What made this butcher think “this looks friendly and fun, everyone will love this little mince boy who definitely isn’t scary at all”?

10. Down Bad Patrol

This Instagram features screenshots of predominantly men being let down by women. Beautiful.

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