Doritos 3D's Flat Matthew McConaughey Commercial Is Dividing The Internet

Doritos 3D’s Flat Matthew McConaughey Commercial Is Dividing The Internet

While the ad was pretty clearly intended as a joke, it definitely caused a stir, especially on Twitter, where Super Bowl viewers and Dorito eaters alike chimed in on this creepy ad.

Ashley Reese, who uses the Twitter handle @offbeatorbit, joked, “Matthew McCdhdjsoskfjdofjfkhey looking all flat deeply upset me,” while Frozen actor Josh Gad suggested a lucrative idea: “3D Dorito matthew mcconaughey needs to do a crossover with Lincoln matthew mcconaughey.” Comedian Jared Freid was much more blunt, writing, “Paper Matthew McConaughey will haunt my dreams for the rest of time,” while comedian Frank Caliendo wondered, “How much weight did Matthew McConaughey lose for that commercial?”

However, Bachelor producer Elan Gale may have summed it up best, simply writing, “Flatthew McConaughey.”

As for McConaughey himself, he hasn’t weighed in, but clearly, he was willing to appear in the segment in the first place. You’ll have to check out McConaughey’s commercial for yourself and determine whether or not it’s freaky or just funny; in the meantime, the internet is clearly still divided over this silly yet unsettling Doritos ad.

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