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Fake or Cake? This Amazon Prime Package Has Baffled the Internet

Before you ponder on the question if humans are living in a simulation, ask this first, is everything cake? It seems the 2020 trend is back to haunt us as a recent tweet leaves netizens triggered and going back to wonder how many cakes they are surrounded by.

On Friday, a Twitter user posted a picture of what looked like an e-commerce website Amazon’s delivered package. With an uncanny Amazon Prime logo printed on the brown cardboard box and a receipt, there was no way that one could have expected what the next image revealed. But the next image showed how the box was smoothly cut out into a four-layered chocolate cake. Captioning the image, the user wrote, “Omds not this shit again wtf”. The tweet has surprised many users on the microblogging site with over 410.5K likes and 51.1K retweets.

Commenting on the viral tweet a user wrote that she would have been shocked if she tried to take off the label only to find cake stuck in her fingernails. Replying to the tweet, @rxmchls said that had she not known that it was a cake, she would have ripped into the box to open it. While another user wrote that from now on he would require a trigger warning on such posts since the PTSD is real.

For some users though, the cake was a work of art and praised the intricacy and attention to detail that was paid by the cake artist.

The cake was created by Nina Evans Williams who runs Nina’s Cake Cabin in Anglesey, Wales, UK. Nina tweeted a picture of the Amazon package-cake as her son posed with it and explained that she created it for him since he gets several Amazon packages delivered to him.

Amazon’s UK Twitter handle also posted a picture of the cake as it asked its followers to guess if it is a real package or just cake. Captioning the post, Amazon UK said that it is a prime example of what they would like to see delivered to their doorstep but is this cutting edge creation good enough to eat.

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