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Less than a month ago streaming platform, Twitch handed former TSM Fortnite player Khanada a lifetime ban. The reason behind his ban remains ambiguous yet, however, fans attribute it to his harsh behavior online. The ban came following his violent remarks against opponents online, but Twitch made no official comments.

Fans suspected Khanada’s Twitch ban to be a major reason behind his departure from TSM, even after a stellar record in-game. In order to restart his competitive career, Khanada made another effort to start streaming. Since streaming forms an important part of esports, the former Fortnite pro didn’t want to be away too long.

Khanada joined the esports org Built By Gamers less than a day ago. The announcement came through a bizarre YouTube video where the pro claimed to have reformed his ways. He also chose to go by a different name and a new YouTube channel ‘Zenada’ as he began his streaming career on YouTube.

YouTube banned Khanada within 10 minutes as he tried to stream Fortnite again

In the most shocking fashion possible at ending a player’s career, YouTube banned Khanada within 10 minutes since he had started steaming. All the goat yoga goes in vain is his new journey remains short-lived. Once again, YouTube did not clarify or give any reason so as to why it banned Khanada.

His new channel Zenada is also no longer available on the video-sharing platform. Khanada’s future once again hangs in the balance. The foundation for him joining BBG was the start of his YouTube journey. However, after this ban will BBG jump off the sinking ship or will it have the back of the Fortnite pro?

Khanda seems genuinely distressed as he is not able to stream on any platform. He expressed his disappointment in a set of tweets over the course of the last few hours following his YouTube ban. Similar to the reason behind his YouTube and Twitch ban, Khanada’s future seems uncertain.



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