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Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 5 is about to end. It may be slightly hectic at the moment to deal with the shotgun meta, but newer patch notes are right around the corner. Epic Games is undoubtedly working on more challenging content, and if you have been dealing with the meta change for some time now, hang in there a little longer.

Season 6 is going to bring a horde of changes and a better dynamic in the game. Who knows, the next meta may not even be the human opponents in the game? Maybe it’s the season for the rise of bots instead.

Reliable data miner, Mang0e, recently on his Twitter, posted about “some unfinished AI spawner capabilities for vehicles were added in 15.40”.

The current season according to the game’s website Battle Pass counter will expire on the 15th of March. Therefore, Season 6 will likely begin on March 16. According to Mang0e’s leaks, the game has unfinished codes that suggest the addition of non-player characters (NPCs) in some areas of the map.

He made some vague assumptions about what that means, but Epic Games has verified none of the content yet. Check the trailer of Season 6 below.

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Fortnite Season 6 NPC Spawns

NPCs are basically bots that run on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) defined by the developers of the game. These bots are usually harmless and simply count to the addition of kills in most games, or just extra loot without increasing the kill count in games like PUBG PC. However, unfinished Fortnite Season 6 patch note 15.40 unraveled by Mang0e suggest these bots can be deadly in the upcoming update.

The bots can apparently ride vehicles that spawn on certain locations of the map. He added some “loose guesses” on what it could signify and came up with two points.

First, the bots in the game can now ride these specially spawned vehicles and ride around the map. This does not have to be extremely dangerous unless the developers program the NPCs to run over human controlled players with the vehicles, which is the second possibility.

The second case, as mentioned by the data miner, is the killer version of the first guess. Specially during squad vs squad fights, the bot third party can decide between life and death.

If the developers are restricting the Boss Bots with vehicle to a specific area, they can act like the helicopter in Rust, or the Giant found inside the Farm in CoDM. They might require the participation of the entire squad and can yield special items on dying.

He also spotted the addition of an animation for an Extra Large Male skin with an emote in 15.40. This is however a little “odd” since Thanos is the only XL male skin in the game. As mentioned earlier, Epic Games have confirmed none of the leaks mentioned by Mang0e. Fans still have to wait for the official patch notes to know exactly what is new. Until then, tell us your thoughts on the new Monster Bots.

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