The image shows a shot of black-furred feline sitting atop a wooden table.

Funny clip of startled cat aptly illustrates why kitties rule the Internet. Watch


Have you ever had to go get something from a dark room by yourself after watching a horror movie? Or maybe once you thought you heard some strange noises when you were home alone. Being in such situations often causes a little fright and a rush of adrenalin that can leave one feeling startled over, hopefully, nothing. If you’ve ever been in a situation similar to the ones mentioned above, then here is a cat video you may relate to a lot. It is the kitty’s startled reaction to a rather unassuming object which may make you say, “Ah, me too” if you identify as a little bit of a scaredy-cat.

Posted on Reddit on December 1, this recording is 15 seconds long. “Cat vs Cross Stitch, age old rivals,” reads the caption shared alongside the post.

The clip opens to a shot of black-furred feline sitting atop a wooden table. A circular cross-stitched item is kept next to the cat. The kitty touches it a few times inquisitively and gets increasingly jumpy every time it moves.

However, it is the cat’s reaction towards the very end of the video that may make you giggle endlessly.

Since being shared on the subreddit ‘startled cats’, this post has received a whole lot of love from netizens. It currently has nearly 8,000 upvotes and has also garnered many appreciative comments.

Here is what Redditors had to say about the share. One person said, “This made me lol irl. And extra points for your excellent title”.

Another individual wrote, “Cross stitch wins this round”. “There’s a reason cats rule the internet. They’re just too funny,” read one comment under the post.

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