Genshin Impact: Will Baizhu be playable? Banner release date rumours


Genshin Impact has been fantastic since its launch in September, and it reportedly earned close to $800m in 2020 which is quite the feat. Its biggest strength is no doubt its roster of incredible characters and frequency of updates, and lots of people are asking: will Baizhu be playable? Here you’ll find the latest rumours concerning a Baizhu banner and its possible release date in Genshin Impact.

While there are plenty of characters to look forward to in the near future with the imminent arrival of update 1.4, fans shouldn’t look past ghost gal Hu Tao. Her banner and accompanying 4 stars characters are coming out on March 2nd, and it’s a heroine you will definitely want to pull if you like Pyro warriors.

Although the arrival of Hu Tao is very exciting, below you’ll discover if Baizhu will ever be playable in Genshin Impact.

Will Baizhu be playable in Genshin Impact?

It’s not official that Baizhu will become playable in Genshin Impact.

However, it’s strongly believed that Baizhu will become playable in Genshin Impact sometime in the future.

The character has already appeared in the game as an NPC similar to Rosaria, and both of them are expected to become controllable heroes thanks to their elaborate designs and datamines.

However, while there are leaked skills for Rosaria, a full overview is yet to be leaked about the green-haired Bubu pharmacist.

But, while there’s no fully leaked list of skills for the character as of yet, his release date could be coming soon.

Genshin Impact Baizhu banner release date

Recent speculation suggests that the Baizhu banner release date for Genshin Impact could land during update 1.5.

This means that the Baizhu banner release date for Genshin Impact could fall in either May or June, but nothing is official as of this moment.

The character will reportedly be a five star Catalyst, and the same source suggests that Shenhe might come after him.

All of the above comes courtesy of Baizhu leaks on Twitter. They list late April/May for his release date, but that would suggest update 1.4 rather than 1.5.

And 1.4 seems unlikely as there’s more prominent rumours concerning the likes of Ayaka, Rosaria, and even Yaoyao.

Check out the Twitter account for more possible leaks and datamines concerning the pharmacist.

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