Fiber-optic cables are used for broadband internet.

How good is your internet? St. Clair County wants to know


Fiber-optic cables are used for broadband internet.
  • Anyone looking to give their input on internet service in the county can visit

There’s about four streets in Clay Township where broadband internet isn’t available, Clay Township Supervisor Artie Bryson said. He’s been pitching Comcast about expanding on those streets. And Bryson has asked residents to take a survey for the county about the quality of their internet services. 

“More people are working at home remotely, and education, it’s almost getting to be a necessity like electricity or water and sewer I believe,” Bryson said. “It’s a real hindrance for the people that don’t have it.”

St. Clair County wants input from residents about the local internet service. The St. Clair County Broadband Committee formed in 2012, and is working with the nonprofit Connect Michigan to collect information about the availability and quality of internet service in the county. 


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