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Nowadays, we live and breathe technology and we can hardly go anywhere without it. When we travel or if we are moving from one place to another, our gadgets are one of the things we cannot afford to leave behind. It is important to stay connected to our friends and loved ones using the various communication methods which are made possible with our gadgets. Apart from the fact that these gadgets can be expensive, a gap in communication can also affect work and private life. This means that our gadgets have to always be protected in and outside the home.

If you are travelling or moving houses, it is important to pack your gadgets properly to avoid damage. Items like phones, laptops, cameras and other electronic devices can be easily destroyed while moving from one place to another. Therefore keeping them safe is important. Here are 5 tips on how to pack your gadgets. 

  • Ensure that heat-sensitive accessories are disconnected

The thing you want is to get to your destination and discover that your gadgets are damaged by heat. Electronics are highly sensitive to sudden changes in temperatures be it extreme heat or even cold. Extreme heat may cause the batteries to wear out and lead to fracture of surfaces in the device. It can also affect the overall longevity of the device. 

When packing your gadgets, ensure that they are turned off with the battery removed. Hard drives, pen drives and flash drives should be disconnected before packing them and then cables folded neatly.

If you are using cardboard boxes to pack them, ensure that the boxes are lined with bubble wraps to reduce the chances of breakage if the box falls during packing. Also, make sure to put heavier gadgets at the bottom and lighter ones on top and not the other way around. For instance, if you are packing a laptop and a hard drive, the laptop should be below while the hard drive on top of it. After packing it up, place some packing paper over the devices before closing the box and sealing it up. 

If you are using a moving company to pack, then tell them about the box that contains your gadgets so that they can handle it with care. Label the boxes ‘fragile’ so that it can be quickly identified when moving. Ensure that the box or boxes containing your gadgets are not placed under any other boxes. it should be one of the last things to move to ensure that it stays right on top of the other things. 

It’s tempting to want to throw the cables and chargers into the box and then sort it all out when you get to your destination. However, you should keep in mind that you may need to open up that bag or box in the middle of your journey either to make use of some gadgets quickly or to open it up for checks during security clearance. If everything is in disarray, then finding anything will be a disaster. 

With an organised gadget bag, security personnel will easily see the contents of your bag and release you to go about your business. If taking out something is also your goal, you will be able to locate the item faster without having to empty the contents of your bag or box. 

Neat arrangement and organisation also help you unpack faster when you get to your destination. Cords and cables tend to get clustered and tangled when not arranged properly. This means more time sorting out cables when you get to your destination. Some things you can invest in are tags, cable organisers, stickers, tapes and so on. 

While travelling or moving, most people just pack their electronics in suitcases with clothes and other things. While this may seem convenient, it is actually quite disadvantageous for a number of reasons. First, during travels, boxes can be subject to theft especially those that will not be under your watch 24/7. It seems reasonable to invest in a gadget bag that can be carried with you at all times during travelling. Another reason to invest in a gadget bag is the fact that these accessory bags are made just for the purpose of carrying your gadgets. They are therefore properly padded to prevent breakage from accidental falls and damage. 

  • Carry along with instruction

While travelling or moving, you sometimes need to disassemble electronic devices and then assemble them on arrival. Oftentimes, reassembling these parts can be a major pain. To avoid damage and wasting time trying to figure out what fits where ensure to have a user manual of your gadgets handy when you travel. His way, you can easily reassemble disassembled parts upon arrival. 

To conclude, gadgets are very important, expensive and fragile and should be handled with care when you pack them. The tips above will help you pack your gadgets and move them safely from one place to another. 


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