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iPhone User Sues Apple After Phone Explodes In The Pocket


Apple’s iPhones have been one of the popular smartphones used across the globe. The iPhones have become trustworthy because of the hassle-free experience they provide to its users. This time the smartphone manufacture is again in news, but for wrong reasons.

An Apple iPhone X user in Australia recently claimed that his device exploded in his pocket. The incident left him with second-degree burns on his leg, reported 7News. The man was identified as Robert De Rose, a scientist by profession.

According to Rose, the incident took place in 2019.The iPhone X which was used by Rose was one year old at the time of accident. He reported the exploding iPhone issue to Apple. However he received no response from the company.

Since then, the scientist made his mind to sue the company about his shocking incident. Rose demanded compensation for his injury and loss for his iPhone X.

(Source: India Today)


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