Japanese Fashion Retailer Zozo Launches Glasses That Measure Skin Tone To Help Online Cosmetics Buyers


Video source: YouTube, ZOZOTOWN

Zozo, a subsidiary of Softbank’s Z Holdings, has unveiled a pair of skin tone measuring glasses for shoppers ordering cosmetics online, the latest tech innovation offered by the Japanese online fashion retailer to help make e-shopping easier.

On Friday, Zozo launched ZOZOGLASS, a pair of spectacles that customers can use to scan their skin tone. ZOZOGLASS detects the amount of melanin and hemoglobin in a user’s skin and returns customized foundation recommendations based on Zozo’s proprietary algorithm.

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ZOZOGLASS, available now for preorder, will be “officially released” on March 18, at which time the company’s new website — which will include over 500 curated Japanese and international brands — will also go live.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, in-store makeup sampling has been partially restricted and has prevented shoppers from physically trying cosmetics to see how they look on their skin. Additionally, online cosmetic shopping presents its own challenges that buying a top or a dress don’t entail. Zozo aims to conquer both of these hurdles with ZOZOGLASS.

Zozo’s chief operating officer Masahiro Ito said in an interview with Reuters, “We’re trying to replicate [the in-store experience] through technology and give the consumer confidence to buy online.”

According to Zozo, the glasses will eventually be expanded to cover other product lines beyond foundation.

In recent years, the retailer has developed Zozomat, which is used to measure feet for sizing recommendations and plans to soon launch a successor to Zozosuit, a body measuring suit.


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