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Kolkata: Woman gets back money, phone she left in cab after traffic sergeant steps in | Kolkata News – Times of India

KOLKATA: A woman, who had left her bag containing cash and a mobile phone in a cab on Wednesday evening, got her stuff returned after an on-duty sergeant on BT Road intervened.
It was around 7pm when Garia resident Ruma Das approached sergeant Krishnendu Das near the Lockgate area on the BT Road.
She was crying and was clueless about how to track the cab.
“I did not have anything to contact the driver. But I could recollect the number of the vehicle,” said Ruma Das.
Meanwhile Krishnendu Das tried to track the number and retrieve the phone number from the database.
He called up the driver who was completing another trip.
When asked about the bag the driver started to search and retrieved the woman’s belongings.
He asked the sergeant to wait there and reached the spot where Das was deployed.
The entire money and the mobile phone were handed over to Das.
“I thought I would not get the money and the phone back and I was very upset. I could get it because the officer was proactive,” Ruma Das said.
“The driver of the cab was very cooperative and I am happy that we could return her valuables,” Krishnendu Das said.

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