LEEF ultralight laptop gets its power from your phone

The LEEF ultralight laptop makes it so much easier to work on the go. In fact, this gadget transforms your smartphone into a fully functional laptop. All you have to do is connect your phone to Leef, and you’ll be good to go! Your phone becomes Leef’s brain, essentially, so you get to access your smartphone’s full potential. Furthermore, it boasts a Full HD display, full-size keyboard, and multitouch trackpad—so you have all the essentials you need to get work done and do anything you’d do on a traditional laptop. You can use Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office apps, AutoCAD Mobile, Adobe Photoshop apps, Google Chrome, YouTube, Gmail, Netflix, Spotify, and more! Finally, at just 12 millimeters thin and 2.2 pounds, this ultralight laptop is so easy to take with you anywhere.

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