The Marion County Jail.

Man accused of armed robbery at Marion County internet cafe


The Marion County Jail.

The man accused of firing gunshots at a Florida Highway Patrol trooper in November has now been charged in another case: the August robbery of an internet cafe.

Marion County Sheriff’s Detective John Lightle said in his report that on Aug. 21, deputies were called to the Fortune Club at 3420 NE Jacksonville Road in reference to a man armed with two guns entering the business and taking cash.

Lightle spoke with several customers at the business and they gave a description of the gunman and his clothing. The detective was told the suspect put the money in a backpack then left.

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The detective reviewed the store’s surveillance video and it showed someone running into the café shortly after 2 p.m. Before barging into the business, officials said, security video captured an image of the man’s face. The robber then put on a mask and ran into the store.


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