Masta Box fidget controller gadget combines as a mouse, laser pointer, presenter, and more

The Masta Box fidget controller gadget is a versatile device that’ll be a great addition in the office. This portable item can be used as a mouse, laser pointer, presenter, microSD card reader, media player controller, and more. As a result, it can provide convenience to a working environment and prevent you from requiring multiple devices. In particular, use the fidget controller gadget as a handheld trackpad. Featuring left and right click functions, it’s equally as capable as a more. Furthermore, use it as a joystick to play games, control music and videos on your devices. Alternatively, it acts like a laser pointer, too, making a great addition when you’re presenting to co-workers. Overall, Masta Box is incredibly versatile, and once you’ve used it, you may never go back.

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