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After a long time has passed, finally, Capcom as the creators of the Monster Hunter Rise game has fulfilled their previous promise by releasing a new trailer that has a lot of new things for the game.

One of the features included in the trailer is monster control. That is, in this trailer, Capcom displays their latest feature, namely Wyvern Riding. As the name implies, this feature allows the user to ride and control weakened monsters.

Monster Hunter Rise Have a Feature That Can Control Monsters

In this feature, users can also access the monster’s physical attacks and issue special bar-based attacks for much greater damage. However, even though Capcom provides fairly cool features here, unfortunately, the Wyvern Riding feature can only be used by users for a short period of time.

In addition to the monster riding feature, Capcom here also introduces a new area for the Monster Hunter Rise game called Frost Islands. In this new area, later users will meet many new monsters that look more manly than in other areas.

For those who don’t know, the Monster Hunter Series is one of Capcom’s biggest and most successful franchises to date because this game series is very much liked by people. Not only in graphics, the storyline and the excitement of playing this game are also very pronounced. Therefore, until now, many people have played Monster Hunter Series without feeling bored at all.

Monster Hunter Rise Maker, Capcom
Capcom | Greenscene

As additional information, here Capcom also released a demo for this Monster Hunter Rise game. You can download the demo that was just released for free. So, for those of you who are curious about what this new game from Capcom is like, just download the demo version right away!


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