Petition asking for better cellular and internet capacity to Apex Mountain - Penticton News

Petition asking for better cellular and internet capacity to Apex Mountain – Penticton News


More cell service at Apex?

A petition started by a concerned Penticton resident is calling for better cell service and internet capacity for the ‘Residents and Small Business Operators of Apex Mountain Resort and Green Mountain Rd’, stating that the limited telecommunications systems are one of the main factors restricting growth for the community.

Anne Terebka created the petition on Thursday (Jan. 28), which has so far gained around 250 signatures, asking for local government and telephone companies to work on the needed improvements.

“Improving services to this location will increase subscriptions, grow the local economy and improve safety,” Terebka wrote in her post. “As travel restrictions and health concerns are causing citizens to stay at home and recreate locally – communications systems are overloading causing limits to economic opportunity and growth.”

“As travel restrictions are causing citizens to stay local, or stay home to work, internet and cellular services are overloading or are simply not available.”

Terebka also urges that upgrades are needed to improve safety and well-being for the area.

“There is a safety concern where cellular service is limited. As traffic increases to the Ski Resort, the roads that lead to the resort community do not have cell service meaning when vehicle accidents occur, response for medical help is dependent on good Samaritans stopping to help”, adding that there are also many locations along the roads where a commuter may not notice a car off the road.

“The residents of Apex Mountain Resort, Apex Mountain Road and Green Mountain Road are calling on government officials and telecommunications companies to expedite services to this area to help accommodate the economic growth and safety of the people who live here.”

The petition can be found online here.


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