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Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has unveiled its line-up of games for PlayStation Plus subscribers for February 2021. Playstation Plus is a premium subscription that offers a wide range of games that users can play at no extra cost. It is a great method to try a particular game before you make the final purchase.

This subscription also offers an exclusive discount to members for upcoming titles. The duration for January’s lineup of games is about to expire and SIE has revealed some interesting titles that users ‘can enjoy with the next wave of titles.

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Next month’s lineup for PlayStation plus contains interesting names

The new range of titles includes some heavy action-packed yet creative games. Members will have three amazing games that they can play in February. PlayStation rolled out the list of games via a blog post where it talked about all things related to the service.

Destruction AllStars

This title is all about creative destruction between humans and vehicular slaughter to entertain the crowd. This is a gritty multiplayer game involving 16 players who go head-to-head with a wide range of characters and vehicles to choose from. Master your abilities, learn how to bring controlled misfortune to your opponents in this amazing multiplayer game.


This game features a variety of modes like time trial, deathmatch, team battles, free-for-all and many others.

Control Ultimate Edition

One of the much-anticipated releases of the modern era that became a game of the year, Control Ultimate Edition comes from Remedy Entertainment, a studio that has given us gems like Max Payne and Alan Wake.

This title will be a part of the February line up and will be available on PS5 and PS4. Players will take on the role of the director of the Federal Bureau of Control.


The HQ, situated in New York, has been compromised because of an evil entity. It is up to you and your super natural abilities to clean out the mess and regain control of HQ in this epic action-adventure title.

The ultimate edition offers the base game along with DLC expansions, including AWE expansions and the Foundation.

Concrete Genie (PS4)

This title will bring out the creativity inside of you. Take control of the polluted town of Denska by fighting off enemies while you work your way to refurbish everything. It is your job to bring new to life this town by solving puzzles, using genies, and repainting everything there is in the town.


Clean out the alleys, street,s and every pathway in this multi award-winning title. It also contains two special modes built for the PS VR experience.

Note: Destruction AllStars will available on PlayStation plus till April 5, while Control: Ultimate Edition and Concrete Genie will be available till March 1.

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