PUBG Mobile India relaunch: Did Krafton hint at Battle Royale game comeback? Check report


Ever since PUBG Mobile India was banned in the country last year, the fans have kept a close watch on every news and development related to the widely popular game.  Well, there is another development that hints that all is not lost for the PUBG Mobile India fans.  

As per media reports, Krafton, the company and its publisher, has been talking it out with the Indian government. As per reports, Krafton has been working very hard to get the game back in India. According to a representative from Krafton, they are in talks with the Indian government and awaiting for feedback and approvals to relaunch PUBG Mobile in India, as per reports. 

“We are awaiting for Indian government’s consideration and decision on our next plan with PUBG in the region,” a Krafton communications representative said as per a report in Sportskeeda. 

This report also quoted Krafton’s corporate development boss Sean Hyunil Sohn, who said that the company “will work hard to make it (the launch of PUBG Mobile India) happen.”    

“I cannot really tell timing or anything because we don’t know yet,” Sohn was quoted as saying in the report by the South Korean publication E Today. “We care about Indian market greatly. We will work hard to make it happen.”   

Earlier, PUBG had even tried to shed the Chinese connection by breaking away from China-based Tencent Games. In September 2020, PUBG Corporation had said it has made the decision to no longer authorise the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile franchise to China-based Tencent Games in India, opening the possibility of the ban being lifted. However, even this move did not do any good to the South Korean gaming giant.   


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