PUBG Mobile Lite update: Season 22 likely to launch on this date, check how to download

PUBG Mobile Lite is most likely to roll out the latest season on March 1, 2021, as the ongoing PUBG Mobile Lite Season 21 will end on February 28. 

The price of the Winner Pass is expected to remain the same. Notably, the section for rewards will be locked until the next season starts. 

The Winner Pass in PUBG Mobile Lite is similar to the Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile. 

Given the Winner Pass cost is expected to remain in the next season as well, it is speculated that the Elite Upgrade will be available for 280 Battle Coins or BC, while the Elite Plus can be grabbed at 800 BC.

PUBG Mobile Lite was specially designed to run on low-end smartphones. PUBG Mobile Lite recently got the 0.20.1 update, which is available on the play store and can directly be installed on the phone. However, PUBG Mobile is banned in India, including the Lite version.

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 22: How to upgrade to Winner Pass

1. Open the PUBG Mobile Lite app on your smartphone.

2. Search for the WP option, click on the WP button.

3. Click on the upgrade option.

4. You can select the variant that you want to purchase.

5. Confirm the variant and then purchase by clicking on the buy button.

6. Make the payment.

7. The Winner Pass will thereafter reflect shortly in your account.

NOTE: PUBG Mobile and its subsidiary games are banned by the Indian government and users in India are advised not to download/ install the game or any of its updates.

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