QubitTech shapes the future of quantum computing

QubitTech shapes the future of quantum computing


QubitTech shapes the future of quantum computing

We still think of quantum computing as of science fiction, but in fact, it is already there. The quantum computing industry was worth $507.1 million in 2019. Experts from the McKinsey consulting company estimate that the quantum computing industry may exceed $65 billion by 2030, and reach an unprecedented $1 trillion by 2035. So, basically, in a few years, quantum computing will become mainstream. But how does business react to this eventuality?

Tech giants like IBM, Google, Honeywell and many others are in for the race to be the first to implement quantum computing on a massive scale. There is no clear leader yet, but recently Honeywell made a bold move: the company announced that its newest quantum computer has reached a quantum volume of 64 – twice as much as computers of IBM and Google.

And while the giants are at each other’s throats, smaller companies look for alternative approaches. One of the first minor companies to showcase real-life use cases for the technology is QubitTech that has demonstrated application of quantum computing in asset management. Thus quantum computing becomes not a theoretical breakthrough, but a financially viable and useful technology for everyone.

QubitTech is a company founded by a group of independent experts in algorithmic and traditional asset management. QubitTech CEO Greg Limon, also co-founder and shareholder of Toronto-based DigiMax Globa,l is known to have conducted two successful IPOs and participated in numerous venture projects with over $2 billion funds raised. His market expertise is second to none, as he has personally raised over $300 million for a series of successful startups that have grown to become global names.

Application of quantum technologies

The QubitTech platform makes use of quantum technologies that were initially fielded by IBM and offered a unique set of tools based on machine learning methods, quantum algorithms, and quantum neural networks.

Continuous improvements and testing have allowed the algorithmic systems used by QubitTech to advance into more sophisticated areas of application and offer their users a host of adjustable settings for achieving better risk to reward ratios in financial operations.

QubitTech has a clearly defined internal structure with dedicated workgroups for separate departments. Apart from having a healthy mix of experts on the team from financial, consulting, investment banking and other areas, QubitTech designs its own software solutions using internal resources.

The technological products offered by QubitTech give users the ability to select from a variety of balanced strategies based on smart diversification achieved by the use of algorithmic and traditional methods that are applied on the Bitfinex and Binance exchange platforms. More traditional approaches are also available for clients considering their strategies conservative.

The constructs have been proven to deliver up to 7% monthly yields. The simultaneous use of several strategies has been proven to deliver more promising results and QubitTech delivers.

Apart from trading bots and quantum computing constructs, QubitTech offers a host of other products as well, underscoring the platform’s title as a full-fledged ecosystem of interconnected applications. Among the products is the P2P platform CryptoLocal are:

  • P2P Crypto trading service;
  • DoubleSpin gaming service, which allows users to bet on sports or play online games;
  • QPHONE – a service for secure communication and personal data storage;
  • QubitTech Academy – an automated learning platform dedicated to products and services offered by QbuitTech;
  • An application for Android and iOS is getting ready as well.

Other services that QubitTech plans to release in 2021 include a marketplace, a dedicated gaming platform, a venture fund, and an accelerator powered by the efforts of the project community.

The company has been making headway in its global expansion and is already represented in 13 countries with 150,000 active users.

The merger of quantum computing and the cryptocurrency industry may be a novel practice, but time has proven that advanced technologies often benefit each other. And while the two industries seem to be developed separately, some companies like QubitTech are taking leaps of faith and technological development, showing audiences what combined efforts can deliver.


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