Schoolgirl’s ‘rude’ spelling mistake leaves internet in hysterics

Schoolgirl’s ‘rude’ spelling mistake leaves internet in hysterics


A mum was left in hysterics after reading her daughter’s schoolwork which detailed a very vivid dream about a whale.

Despite telling an innocent story, the woman couldn’t help but take a spelling mistake the schoolgirl made out of context as it meant something rather rude to adults.

British mum Alison Taylor, who is currently homeschooling her child due to lockdown restrictions in the UK, was marking the girl’s work when she spotted the hilarious blunder, The Sun reports.

In the note, the little girl wrote that the whale had asked if the girl wanted to “cum on his back”.

Clearly, the little girl hasn’t quite mastered spelling yet and mixed up the spelling of ‘come’ with a far more crass word, with Alison admitting she only got halfway through before she had to walk away and compose herself.

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Every time she would continue to read and mark the work, she’d end up in a fit of giggles – but she got there in the end.

Other parents have recently shared their own kids’ notes, which often sound far worse than they are.

Recently, a dad was left mortified when his seven-year-old left a very rude note on the floor.

She too misspelled the word “come” in a fuming note she’d written, a mishap other parents thought was hilarious.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission


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