Shroud Reveals What Job He Wants When He’s Done With Twitch Streaming


Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek reveals that after he is done streaming he has high ambitions with what he would like to do with his life next.

Shroud is one of the biggest and most consistent content creators in all of gaming, but he may not always want to be that. He has an idea of what he wants to do beyond streaming. When Shroud is done fragging it up online in front of tens of thousands of viewers daily, he says he would be interested in owning a game studio.

It is pretty clear that Shroud has a gigantic passion for video games, and not just being very good at them. Shroud often has strong opinions on games, suggesting which titles should be game of the year, what gun should be buffed or nerfed in big online shooters, or which upcoming title should be on everyone’s radar. But he also has a dream of one day owning a studio, and he mentioned this idea in a recent stream, bringing up the idea while discussing the fact that Vin Diesel owns a part of a game studio.

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Michael Grzesiek is a huge success wherever he streams, as his skills on the keyboard and mouse cannot be denied. When Shroud returned to Twitch he had 500,000 viewers, after moving to Mixer for a time. As someone who spends so much time honing his skills gaming, Shroud likely has a unique perspective on game design.

Another interesting aspect of Shroud’s idea is that he would instantly become one of the more popular game studio heads. Other than individuals who are in the know, a lot of studio head roles don’t come with name recognition. If suddenly Shroud owned a company, people who followed him, especially younger audiences, would be excited about this. Names like Shroud could join a small list like that of Hideo Kojima and Shigeru Miyamoto in terms of sheer name recognition among video game pop culture thanks to his 8.5 million Twitch follower count.

If Shroud were to work directly in the gaming industry, he wouldn’t be the first to do so as a content creator, as Dr. Disrespect was once the community manager for Sledgehammer Games, as well as a level designer. He gave up those roles to be a streamer himself, and eventually reverted back to his gaming ways by getting his own map and in-game character in Rogue Company.

Shroud’s ambitious ideas should not be scoffed at. While gaming companies are very expensive, Shroud himself noting he could only do it “if I was worth hundreds of millions of dollars,” it is notable that the content creator has aspirations beyond simply entertaining his audience. Perhaps one day he will be creating great games, not just playing them.

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