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Sony’s New Xperia Pro Phone Retails for $2,500 USD and Can Be Used as an External Camera Monitor


Sony has unveiled its latest flagship smartphone: the $2,500 USD Xperia Pro. Aimed at content creators and photography buffs, the Xperia Pro’s signature feature is its HDMI port, providing enhanced connectivity across multiple devices.

This unique design feature enables Xperia Pro owners to hook their phone directly to one of Sony’s Alpha cameras or any other camera with an HDMI input. The use for this is twofold. On a more simple level the large 6.5 4K OLED inch display serves as a premium second screen for any camera, and on a more complex note it enables owners to livestream directly from the camera’s lens, capturing high-quality video in real time. However, Mashable notes that camera compatibility varies — so interested parties may want to double-check compatibility with their cameras before fully committing.

Apart from its digital camera compatibility and large screen, the Xperia Pro features 12-megapixel ultra wide angle, wide angle and telephoto lenses on the rear that can shoot super-sized raw photos and 4K video. It’s also Sony’s first 5G compatible phone and boasts a 4,000mAh battery plus a unique design with antennas embedded in all four corners to ensure an optimal signal.

Look for the Sony Xperia Pro to begin rolling out in full over the next few weeks, and for more tech news take a look at Fujifilm’s GFX 100S medium format camera, complete with a 102-megapixel sensor.


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