“Surprisingly people are still enjoying it,” Valkyrae Refutes Comments Suggesting Among Us is ‘Dying Out’

Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter via a recent stream refuted comments suggesting that InnerSloth’s Among Us is ‘dying out’.

She commented on the game during the February 3rd episode of the The CouRage and Nadeshot Show.

She said, “Surprisingly people are still enjoying it. There’s still views for it on YouTube. I definitely have the most viewers when I play Among Us on YouTube and the videos do really well.”

She also went on to say that the players enjoy the experience more than the title itself. Among Us since it was invigorated by the streamers last year, has produced some extravagant moments and as a result, has broken several records.

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However, since OfflineTV’s Rust server picked up pace, many believe that Among Us has lost its charm. Valkyrae, however, doesn’t feel the same and was quick to put an end to such claims.

“I personally am not burnt out. I just wish they would add more content faster.”

Among Us was the breakout title of the year in 2020

2020 was a magnificent year for Among Us. Streamers like Valkyrae, xQc and Corpse Husband among others played a massive role in reviving the ‘murder-mystery’ title that originally rolled out in 2018.

Valkyrae’s Among Us streams lured thousands of viewers as a result of which she topped the streaming charts defeating fellow female streamer, Pokimane.

The American YouTuber also won the Content Creator of the Year Award at the Game Awards ahead of heavyweights like ‘NICKMERCS’ and ‘Alanah Pearce’ among others.

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Several streamers also joined Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who took on the game to talk about the importance of voting and also interacted with the viewers.

The developers of the title also announced that they have been working on a new map for the title which might roll out ‘soon’.

Valkyrae through her recent stream also pointed out that the developers are taking too long to release the new map draining everyone of their patience.

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It will be interesting to see if Among Us will be able to retain its player base after the release of the new map or will the Rust reset take over which is set to come out sometime this month.

Stay tuned to find out!

Published 04 Feb 2021, 22:00 IST

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