The case for hitting the 'reset' button on the internet and social media

The case for hitting the ‘reset’ button on the internet and social media


The internet and social media are both inextricable from our lives. Their technologies have improved our lives in immeasurable ways: connecting us with family and friends, helping grow businesses, entertaining us, giving a voice to the marginalized, an entire world’s knowledge at our fingertips.

But there is indisputably a deep dark side to our connectivity. The data collected (and provided by us) for social media companies is sold off to advertisers, with details of its exact usage often unclear. Social media can worsen the physical and mental health of its users and is one of the biggest disseminators of misinformation in human history. Not to mention the major strain our digital infrastructure puts on the environment.

Is it time to reset our relationship with digital technology and social media? Tech expert and director of Citizen Lab, Ron Deibert explores that question in “Reset: Reclaiming the Internet for Civil Society.”

Deibert talks to Adrian Cheung about the true cost of our reliance on technology, the social dilemma we find ourselves in and how we can reclaim power in a world that keeps moving online.

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