Top 5 most useful gadgets to fight COVID-19


India’s COVID-19 cases have crossed the 84 lakh mark, while the number of people who have recovered from the disease surged to 77.65 lakh. According to the union health ministry data updated on Friday, the national recovery rate is now 92.32 percent.

With the rising COVID-19 cases, it becomes extremely crucial to follow the social distancing norms and follow the regular protocol of keeping your hands sanitised and wearing a mask when going out.

Additionally, during the pandemic, several gadgets have gained popularity.  CNBC-TV18 has handpicked these top five gadgets that you must have:

1. Infrared Thermometer

Infrared thermometer

In order to check the temperature of people visiting your house as a precautionary measure, investing in an infrared thermometer is a wise choice. This way you can protect yourself and your family from visitors having a high temperature and avoid coming in contact with symptomatic carriers of the coronavirus.

2. Pulse Oximeter


Pulse oximeter

One of the indicators of COVID-19 is low oxygen levels. By purchasing a pulse oximeter you can regularly monitor your oxygen saturation levels in a painless manner. The product is currently available in the price range of Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 online. The device will simply emit rays of different lights through your finger and detect how much oxygen is being carried in your blood to the ends of your body.

3. Automatic Sanitizer Spray

Automatic Sanitizer Spray

To keep minimum contact with people coming to your place this can include your house help and visitors, it is advisable to install an electrical sanitizer spray at your front door. This precautionary measure will avoid unnecessary touching the objects in and around your house. Additionally, the visitors would have sanitized their hands before they enter indoors.

4. Vegetable and Fruit Disinfectant

Vegetable and Fruit disinfectant

After buying groceries from the market it becomes mandatory to wash and sanitize them. The vegetable and fruit disinfectant will remove the added pressure of cleaning each and fruit by hand and will also kill germs from the produce. In order to have safe and healthy food consumption, this device comes with a chemical-free ozone technology. The process involves filling a container with water, then adding fruits and vegetables to it and immersing a tube of the disinfectant machine in the container.

5. UV Light Sanitizing Box

UV Light Sanitizing Box (Pic Source: Power Mac Center)

The UV Light Sanitizing box kills off all the germs of the product that the user puts inside it with UV light. This sanitizer box will cost you somewhere around Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000. The majority of these boxes come with an ozone disinfectant.

Online platform Nykaa sells these UV-C portable sanitizer box at Rs 3,200. The device also comes with a wireless charging pad and an Aroma Therapy chamber.


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