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Tyre inflator, mobile holder, and more: Top 5 most useful car accessories


Tyre inflator, mobile holder, and more: Top 5 most useful car accessories

Tyre inflator, mobile holder, and more: Top 5 most useful car accessories&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspBCCL

For many of us, our car is not just a means of transportation but more than that. Motorists now spend a considerable number of hours in their cars almost every day and heavily rely on them. In such a situation, an obstruction as simple as a flat tyre can be a road-block for your plans. And sometimes, just a thing as simple as a mobile holder can make it easy for you to use the navigation on a smartphone without getting distracted. In a nutshell, a handful of essential accessories can make driving a much relaxed and hassle-free experience. Here is a list of the top five most useful car accessories you should consider. 

Phone holder

mobile holder.png

Many of us are dependent on our mobile phones in our own separate ways. Listening to music, having the GPS navigation while moving is the basics. Though it is not a good choice to look at your mobile phone while driving, even if you want a glance after an interval, a mobile holder can help you in many ways. There are many variants of a mobile holder present in the market like a suction function that can be integrated on the windscreen, magnetic holders can get easily installed on the air-con vents and the anti-slip mat that can be integrated on your car’s dashboard.

Rear parking sensors

i20 reverse parking sensors.jpg

Another life-saving accessory for your car is the parking sensors which is a proximity sensor for cars. It is solely designed to alert the rider for any obstacles or objects while parking the car. The sensors fitted at the rear-end of your vehicle generally uses electromagnetic sensors. The rear-end sensors assist the driver for parking while some of the cars get the front-end sensors to indicate road clearance. It’s easily available widely at every car accessory shops.

Portable tyre inflator

tyre inflator.png

Another important car accessory which can save you from an unwanted moment in the middle of your journey. When a tubeless tyre is punctured, it can get repaired easily and a portable tyre inflator helps in inflating the tyre by supplying it the required power from the car’s power outlet. It takes about 10-15 minutes to the inflator to fix a flat tyre completely. Undoubtedly, it’s a great option to have it with you in a car to skip the long queues at a mechanic outlet.

Jumper cables

jumper cables.png

It generally happens when we find out our car’s battery is dead. We usually forget our headlamp on or for some other reason the battery goes dead. Here the jump starter acts as a lifesaver as it starts your car and allows you to continue your travel at no time. The only thing required is a good car as a companion through which you can charge up your motor by connecting a cable. The time you jump start your car, remember not to turn off the engine for a while as it helps the alternator to charge your car automatically.



A dashcam is a little windscreen integrated camera inside the car which records everything in the front-end and sometimes at the rear-end of your car. The recording starts at the moment you start the engine. Generally, the footages are saved in an SD card that could get easily accessible sometimes later. It allows you to see the moment of the obstacles, vehicles coming in front of you or anything on the road. It’s advantageous in a way as it provides you with the concrete evidence if something happens while driving.


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