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An encouraging aspect of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is that the game lets its players channel their creativity. Nintendo has vested the users with the freedom to customize their getaway islands as they please. Being able to design and terraform the entire island, and even invite villagers to move in, is what makes this life sim so engaging.

Many Animal Crossing architects share videos of speed builds on YouTube, showcasing the elaborate construction and decoration process of the island they have created. The idea is adorable considering the time and effort the players put in for creating something unique and impressive.

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YouTuber creates a wonderful treehouse for Molly in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Animal Crossing architect in question, known by the name of redleafpile, shared a speed build of setting up and customizing the residence of the duck villager, Molly. In a YouTube video about 10 minutes long, she provided a quick yet detailed look at transforming the duck’s home into a magnificent treehouse.

(Image Credit: redleafpile – YouTube)

She achieves this with the help of some clever landscaping and strategically decorating the surroundings with enough greenery. The attention to detail and thought put behind the designing and decorating of the treehouse reflects in redleafpile’s speed build of the same.

Redleafpile starts by utilizing the Island Designer app to construct cliffs. Using these cliffs, she creates a two-tiered pathway leading to the platform on which Molly’s house rests. She places some street lamps and swinging benches on either side of the connector and fills out the remaining area by planting hardwood and cedar trees. She also distributes some cypress plants, hedges, and hibiscus bushes in between the trees.

(Image Credit: redleafpile – YouTube)

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Redleafpile carefully detailed and decorated the surroundings of her villager’s treehouse

Redleafpile then moves on to the two-tiered platform. She starts fencing and digging up holes all around Molly’s house to plant some more cedar and hardwood trees. Staying true to the theme of a treehouse, she applies custom design planks for covering the entire surface and giving it a natural, wooden look.

(Image Credit: redleafpile – YouTube)

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While doing so, the YouTuber is also aware enough to shoot down a flying balloon present from the sky. Done with the designing process, she goes on to decorate the vicinity of Molly’s treehouse with greenery. For instance, she carefully positions a couple of leaf umbrellas on the pathway and clears up some custom designs around the platform for planting a handful of trees.

Redleafpile uses a variety of furniture items for decorating either side of the treehouse. For one side, she uses log sofas, mush tables, tree’s bounty lamps, cornucopia, yucca, and a flimsy watering can. Whereas, she places down a spooky tower, mini-cactus set, kid’s tent, beehive, hammock, and a ukelele on the other side.

(Image Credit: redleafpile – YouTube)

To uplift the greenery of the spot, the YouTuber puts down a green-leaf pile near the house’s entrance. Since it is Molly’s residence, she is conscious enough to even place a decoy duck. Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can draw inspiration from redleafpile’s wonderful creation to construct a well-decorated treehouse for their own island. You can watch the full speed build above.

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