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What are the Top 10 Voice AI Startups To Watch in 2021?


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A comprehensive list of top startup companies who are building quite a reputation in the tech domain through voice tech offerings.

Voice AI has been around since IBM introduced it in 1961 through IBM Shoebox. It was the first digital speech recognition tool which at its time could recognize 16 words and 9 digits. Today, using voice AI, developers can train neural network models, create human like voices, chatbots and more. The voice AI tech startups space is booming and now encompasses various avenues such as voice analytics, speech recognition, artificial voice synthesis, voice transcription, voice recognition, among others. This year Analytics Insight has come with a list of 10 awesome startups that are revolutionizing the field of voice AI with their impressive technologies. startup claims to offer natural, human-like conversations wherein the customers will never know the difference between a human and a machine voice. Its voice agents can handle an unlimited number of calls, helping to easily reach targets, thus freeing up human agents for high value and complex conversations. The startup was founded in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University Corona Voice Detect, for early diagnosis of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). It combines recently developed AI and voice forensic technologies, finding specific patterns in voice, tone and other sounds that we produce as we speak that relate to unique illnesses and other human factors.


My Voice Ai

My Voice Ai is unlocking the power of voice using the latest machine learning techniques. This includes speaker identification and sentiment analysis, emotion detection and the real-time evaluation of other speaker characteristics. Its speaker identification technology promises to enable car sharing companies with authentication, allowing users and drivers to share vehicle access easily and securely. My Voice Ai has ported its engine directly on edge devices utilizing dedicated and low-power processing.



It is a San Francisco based AI startup that is helping companies build conversational voice apps. It is quite popular in the tech industry for providing software to voice systems for popular toys, like Mattell’s talking Hello Barbie doll. The startup has also worked on the enterprise end to help companies build skills and apps for Amazon’s Alexa platform and Google Assistant. Apple recently acquired this startup to accelerate the growth of Siri-powered apps and features.

This startup is a cloud-based conversational intelligence platform for sales and customer success teams, built on scoring sales calls using speech recognition and NLP algorithms. Clients can score each call against playbook and sales best practices for sales managers to have a better view of their team. Its sales dialer enables to place calls, record activities, and take call notes from within Salesforce.



Voiceitt is an award-winning speech recognition startup and social enterprise that has developed a proprietary automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology that translates non-standard speech patterns into clear speech in real time, enabling children and adults with severe speech impairments and disabilities to access mainstream voice activated technologies and devices.



Voysis is an artificial intelligence startup that developed a platform for digital voice assistants to better understand people’s natural language. The startup believes that voice-driven natural language interfaces have the potential to change the way people interact with consumer and enterprise-level applications by creating more intuitive, efficient, and personalized experiences. Hence, Voysis is confident that it’s complete voice AI platform that will play a key role in bringing about this change. Recently, Voysis was acquired by Apple.



This San Francisco based start-up unlocks deep insight from customer conversations with revolutionary AI-powered voice analytics. Using machine learning and NLP, VoiceBase helps world-class enterprises discover, manage, and measure sales, service, and marketing activities within the call center and across the entire business. It has partnered with numerous companies like Tableau, Amazon Web Services, The Home Depot, Twilio, Vonage/Nexmo and Nasdaq.



This startup has developed software that can understand the emotions in a speaker’s voice. It can measure directly from user’s voice whether the person is happy, sad, afraid, angry, or have a neutral state of mind. Currently the open-source version of the software chooses between these five emotions with high accuracy, even if it hears the speaker for the first time. The “plus” version of the software reaches the performance level of a dedicated human listener.



AISense’s Ambient Voice Intelligence™ technology, developed with a unique approach to speech recognition and deep learning, they are able to understand human-to-human conversations and provide new innovative services. With AISense’s extensive history in mobile AI technologies, the startup is creating the next generation of intelligent and contextually-aware mobile tools to enhance professional productivity. Its Otter Voice Notes app is a solution for transcribing long conversations between multiple people.

This deep learning-powered speech recognition startup is the only company in India to be able to convert speech to text in nine regional languages including Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi and Tamil, apart from English. It has been acquired by Flipkart to help in accelerating an end-to- end conversational shopping experience for its users. The startup aims to give voice to the people of India, the ability to express themselves in their own language in the digital world via building voice-based interfaces.

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