Zendure SuperBase 500 518 Wh powerstation is designed for high-powered devices


There’s nothing worse than being outdoors with your phone, laptop, speakers, and other gadgets when their batteries start to run out. Fortunately, the Zendure SuperBase 500 518 Wh powerstation can solve this dilemma, as it’s designed for high-powered devices. Boasting 600 watts of power and a 518 Wh battery capacity, it’s a powerful accessory that you can take everywhere. Furthermore, it features an array of output ports that can charge up to nine devices simultaneously. In fact, it supports USB-C PD at up to 60 watts, which is suitable for most laptops. Also, the USBA-ports offer up to 18 watts of power. Therefore, you can charge your phone or other small gadgets quickly and efficiently. Overall, the 518 Wh powerstation has enough power to keep your devices fully charged for a two-day trip.


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